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Dimension certificate
under 3.1 certificate form acc. to EN10204(2004).

Material certificate
I-Chemical composition
under 3.1 certificate form acc. to EN10204(2004)

Material certificate
II-Mechanical property
under 3.1 certificate form acc. to EN10204(2004)


Material certificate III-Heat treatment curve under 3.1 certificate form acc. to EN10204(2004)


Material certificate IV-
Pressure testing under 3.1 certificate form acc. to EN10204(2004)


Material certificate V-Crake testing under 3.1 certificate form acc. to EN10204(2004)


Material certificate VI- No defect inspection under 3.1 certificate form acc. to EN10204(2004)


Material certificate VII- Microstructure report under 3.1 certificate form acc. to
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Production Engineering (R&D):

Compared with assembly, a single part in normal-working order seems inconsiderably small,  and seldom attracts attention from consumers. However, an ineffectual single partmay bring disaster especially in terms of man-hour delay, delivery holding-up, customer complaint, and order cancellation, which eventually lead to decreasing of market share.
Therefore, what we do at Golden-Ring is to set up an Engineering Group according to separate project, to do production engineering and pre-scheming, which enables us to do our job in a more comprehensive and perfect manner:

—— Quickly grasp the latest technology and pinpoint customer demand orientation.
—— Well acquainted with material standard and material characteristics, wth different emphasis on different foundry process so as to choose the most reliable
material and most optimizing production process for individual demands.
—— Set up International Standard Tracking System to locate the latest standard and produce parts exactly according to applicable domestic standards and
international standards.
—— Comprehensive experience in production enables us to optimize framework design, decrease the difficulty index and get stable and quality parts and components.

All the measures we take contribute to the benefits that Customer can get:

—— Directly or indirectly decrease production cost which makes it even possible to improve the performance of assembly
—— Shorten the R&D circle for new design product development.
—— Improved reputation.

Product-Quality Preliminary Engineering (APQP):

Quality roots from pre-scheming, and pre-engineering serves for quality.

To get stable and effective engineering and supports, Project Engineer-Focused engineering group was set up to form an intellectual pool including individuals technically majored in Product Designing, Tooling fabrication, Production Techniques and Quality Inspection, Logistics and Finance, etc.

For customers, we provide technically professional one-stop services.

For our sub-contractors, what we released are not only orders, but also keys to success and future development.

Our engineering department are qualified to render:

—— High quality tooling according to 3-D model machined on CNC equipment.
—— Formal production drawing which may contain detailed material specification, tolerances standards, circumspectly-discussed production process, and quality control schemes derived from FMEA, etc.
—— Precise and exact criterion for rejection and acceptance.

All measures taken are designed to lower risks for project-running and decrease cost for new product development for our customers.

Production Processes Guarantee System (QA):

Continuously supervising, verifying and modifying production parameter is the lifeline of project-running.

Multi-channel of experience accumulation makes difficult technical problems readily solved.

Independent inspection and quality control aside from workshop’s quality department (QC) :

We are willing and be able to do entire or partial in-warehouse inspection, and render necessary warehousing services fully according to customer’s demand.

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