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Golden-Ring's competitive advantages stem from the integrated one-stop shopping business model and the unique Golden-Ring culture. By defining itself as a service company rather than a manufacturing concern, Golden-Ring defines company products as Efficiency, Quality, Engineering Services, Flexibility and Monetary Cost Saving. Golden-Ring devotes to customer's long term success and takes pride in our hardworking culture.

Golden-Ring’s one-stop shopping business model:

It covers solutions ranging from moulding, tooling, mechanical parts, assembly, design, manufacturing, logistics, etc. Through this one-stop model, Golden-Ring is recognized by more and more experienced partners in the world.

6 points:

Quality: We fulfill the quality standards according to ISO 9001/2000, ensuring you highly reliable product quality from a careful selection of qualified suppliers and independent, consistent on-the-spot quality control in addition to the quality control of the manufacturer.

Delivery: Through our extensive network of ocean shipping and airfreight and express mail contacts, we strive for time in sample leading and on-time delivery of batch-production. For tooling, our lead time can be within 4 weeks, and for samples, within 6 weeks after confirmation.

Flexibility: Creatively optimizing processes by means of quick, different and flexible processing solutions for large batch order for over one million pieces and also for small batch series.

Expertise: Fully comprehensive support by our specialized exporting service team and ODM and OEM engineering team with strong technical backgrounds.

Know-how: With several years of Germany projects manufacturing expertise and technical background, we have developed more and more new products, and mature techniques in sand casting and lost wax investment casting, forging, tooling and rubber.

Innovation: Promptly grasp new technology and put it into practice, bring customer unexpected satisfaction with respect to both quality and cost.

     Our motto :
We must continuously innovate and conduct ourselves as highly trustworthy specialized supplier. We highly value the creative and hard work of all members. We aim to become the most excellent specialized supplier in the field.
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