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Possible surface treatment option-------Finish choices

· Shot blasting
· Grinding
· Polishing :

Mirror polishing (physical and electro-chemical polishing)

Possible Surface Treatment Options-------Anti-Rust Choices

· Painting:

Anti-rust primer,
Nitryl-paint, Resin-paint, Metallic paint,
Shining-paint, Semi-mat-paint, and Full-mat-paint.

· Phosphate treatment:

· Powder coating:

Mirror polishing (physical and electro-chemical polishing)


Anodic/Positive KTL,
Cathodic/Negative KTL

· Coating:

Zinc plated (white/yellow/color),
Hot dip galvanized,
Nickel-plated, Chrome-plated.

· Anti-Rust Oil:

Dry anti-rust oil
Glutinous anti-rust oil

· Passivation/Oxydation:

Anodic/Positive oxydation
Cathodic/Negative oxydation


· Heat-Treatment:

Normalizing, Annealing, Quenching, Tempering, Quenching + Tempering (Q+T), Solution Heat-Treatment ,Passivation , Aging.

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