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Frequently used materials include NR, NBR. Tooling realized by CNC guarantees the accuracy from the dimensional scope, and injection machine imported is also helpful on quality side. Optional services such as machining, stamping, welding are available upon requirement. Customized products handling include bonded steel castings for agriculture industry, and sealing for automotive industry.

1. Rubber/Rubber Coated Metal Products:                      click to view catalogue
1) molding process: Full-automatic deflating sulfured machine.
2)Material: Natural rubber(NR) /Synthetic rubber(NBR)/Silicone rubber/Fluorous rubber/Ethylene Propylene terpolymer(EPT)/Chloroprene rubber/TPU…
3) Industry involved: Agricultural machinery/Transportation/Auto-airproofing/mine machinery/petrol machinery
4) Part Unit Weight range: Dimension: 1000*1200*400
5) Representative product: Sealing parts /airproof parts/rubber bonded(coated)parts/Rubber Wheel/Rubber stick
6) Manufacturer Certification: ISO9001 (2000) /TS16949
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