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Process involves sand casting, shell molding, and low pressure die casting. Material optional from GB/ASTM/ANSI/BS/DIN/NF standards. Customized products include receptor for lab, and ground floor for municipal industry. ISO9001:2000 certified.

1) Molding Process: Lost wax precision casting,
  Shell casting, Permanent mold Gravity die casting, Die castings(High pressure/Low pressure)
  Extrusion/Squeeze casting ( for profiled bar)….
2) Material: GB ZL101A/ASTM A356/ISO AL-Si7Mg/
  GB ZL112Y/ASTM 380/ISO AL-Si8Cu3Fe/
3) Industry involved: Automotive industry
4) Part Unit Weight range: from 100g up to 13kgs.
5) Representative Product: Support fittings/Pump/Engine parts…
6) Manufacturer certification: ISO9001 (2000) /TS16949


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